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Engine of Change

Even our name, Zuggand, exemplifies change!  (check out ‘What the Heck is a Zuggand?’ if you haven’t already heard about how we got our name!) We are huge believers in continuous improvement, Kaizen, and change agents ourselves!

Just check out our logo and you can see how we’ve creatively embedded change even there.  The triangle, Δ or Delta, represents change! The the help of an amazing artist and 99 Designs, our logo is loosely represents two deltas (Δs) stacked into an infinity symbol.  So even our logo represents Infinite Change! (yes, we really are that geeky!)

Change Plus Crazy Change Multiply By Infinity Equals Zuggand

Change + Crazy Change * Infinity = Zuggand Engine of Change

(you gots to love marketing math!)

100% AWS Focused

Zuggand is all in on AWS!  All we do is AWS! We were born in the cloud (never owned a server)!  More importantly, we are cloud native! When we sleep, and it’s not often, we dream in AWS capabilities blocks!

When we first started Zuggand back in 2015, we helped customers with any type of project that came along, but several factors continue to drive us to focus.

As our business started to grow faster, we had to focus more!  Keeping up with the speed at which the cloud industry is changing is pretty much an insane task.  It’s a huge challenge for anyone to keep up when you throw in all the innovation that is happening with business models, security, AI / ML, IoT, DevSecOps, automation, FinOps and on and on. It became quite clear that we needed some serious focus!

At the same time, we noticed an interesting trend.  The more that we helped customers evaluate which cloud strategy they should take, common themes and decisions started to form specific patterns.  When we took a cloud agnostic approach to evaluating different cloud platforms, most of our customers kept choosing AWS. When we spent some time analyzing this here’s what we found!

Two Black Women Chatting on Couch

AWS Customer Centric Paradigm

Amazon’s vision is to be the Earth’s most customer-centric company and this continues down into AWS!  We see that in everything they do when they interact with new and existing customers. Everything they do and build it all about the customer (not about licensing or revenue).  That’s a very different approach than AWS’s competitors and this shows in every interaction we have with AWS and other organizations.

Pace of Innovation

AWS absolutely embraced Lean Agile DevOps in all that they do.  Two Pizza Box teams have been the foundation to the organization since the beginning!  We are obviously overly simplifying this here but AWS is innovating fast that any organization has ever done before. This means that anyone has access to more innovative capabilities than at any point in history and it’s only getting faster!

Man Looking at Board Filled with Papers

Zuggand Philosophies


Be Passionate,
Be Humble

We are passionate about everything we do. We strive to be awesome, but also humble in our awesomeness.

Puzzle Piece

Big Problems

“Go big or go home” is our mantra. If we’re going to change the world, we can’t do it in a box. Or it better be a really big box.

Increasing Bars

Fail Fast,
Fail Forward

We believe in a culture in which it is ok to take risks and fail, as long as you fail quickly and learn from your mistakes. Rinse and repeat.

Question Bubble

Question & Learn

We foster a culture in which asking beautiful questions and continuous learning is mandatory.


Family First, Treat
Customers as Guests

There is a world outside of work and we believe that family comes first. We invite our customers into our homes and hearts.

Smiley Face with Sunglasses

Have Fun &
Do Cool Stuff!

Simply put, we love to do cool stuff. Do we need to say more?

"The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy,
Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New"

- Socrates from Dan Millman's "Way of the Peaceful Warrior"
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