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Improve your AWS security posture with Trend Mirco and Zuggand.

Optimize your AWS security, increase value, and reduce costs with Trend Micro.

Zuggands works with Trend Micro to provide cloud security that ensures compliance with best practices and industry standards. Now, not only can we help you build secure, ship fast, and run anywhere, but we can do it with the assurance that your cloud infrastructure is configured and deployed securely.

Why Choose Trend Micro?


Through hundreds of automated checks against industry compliance standards and cloud security best practice rules, you can continuously improve your security and compliance posture for your cloud infrastructure. Leverage detailed resolution steps to quickly rectify security vulnerabilities and reliability risks.


A single dashboard provides full and clear visibility of your entire multi-cloud infrastructure. Run reports on an endless combination of filters to exhaustively audit your infrastructure. Save and schedule reports to automatically run and be distributed whenever you need.


Integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows and allows you to maintain full autonomy. Utilize single sign-on solutions, individual access levels, and connecting your preferred third-party ticketing or notification provider.

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