Zippykind, a Cloud-based, delivery management software solution for local business delivery companies, partners with Zuggand to ensure it is following AWS best practices.
The Zuggand team helped us better understand the ways in which we could more efficiently use AWS services and how we could create a safe and self-healing hosting environment for the Zippykind platform.  We will be engaging with Zuggand in the future. 

-David Shields (Founder)


Zippykind is a Cloud-based solution that allows companies to automate many of the processes and logistics associated with their delivery business.  The Zippykind solution has two major components – the dispatch software and a mobile application. The dispatch software gives store managers and operators the ability to track their drivers’ location in real time, review past deliveries in the form of a heat map for analytics, and send delivery tickets directly to their drivers.   The mobile application is used by the drivers themselves to capture customer signatures upon delivery, leverage GPS capabilities to get directions to their delivery location, and see a photo of the individual receiving the package.

Problem Statement

Zippykind’s solution is currently hosted in AWS and has customers from all around the world using its platform.  As a result, Zippykind requires an infrastructure that is secure and can scale as the company and usage of the platform grow.  Prior to engaging with Zuggand, Zippykind did not have the internal resources with extensive AWS experience to architect its environment to meet the business requirements.

High Level Requirements:
  • Ensure the security of its systems and customer data.
  • Accommodate fluctuations in demand with high availability and scalability.
  • Improve the overall solution performance and user experience.
  • Reflect the true costs of infrastructure use (i.e. pay only for what you use).

Proposed Solution & Architecture

After having an initial conversation with Zippykind’s leadership, Zuggand recommended engaging  to perform an AWS Well-Architected Review, a service Zuggand offers to ensure customers are following best practices as recommended by AWS.  The architecture review covers five main pillars – security, reliability, performance, cost optimization, and operational excellence – and results in a roadmap of remediations for the customer to prioritize and implement.

By engaging in an AWS Well-Architected Review, it allowed Zippykind to:

  • acquire a long-term roadmap of items to fix to ensure its AWS environment is well-architected,
  • have an initial, low-risk, low-cost engagement to immediately improve its AWS architecture,
  • establish a trusted, long-term relationship with an Advanced AWS partner, and
  • create a cadence of quarterly architecture reviews to ensure it is taking advantage of new AWS capabilities.


As a result of performing an AWS Well-Architected Review of Zippykind’s environment, Zuggand identified several key areas in which it was not following AWS best practices.  By helping Zippykind leadership prioritize the most critical issues to resolve first, and by doing the actual remediation work, Zuggand was able to immediately increase reliability, ensure no inflated spending, and reduce risk in its AWS environment.

After establishing this initial engagement, Zippykind now has a trusted Advanced AWS Partner in Zuggand to assist with any ongoing AWS needs.  Not only have annual architecture reviews been established, but Zippykind leadership is continuously engaged with Zuggand to ensure its environment is stable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective.

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