Bluetail Well-Architected Review & Managed Services

Bluetail, a Cloud-based, aircraft records management solution for business aviation, partners with Zuggand to improve its security posture and speed up development life cycle.

“Before a SaaS company can scale, the infrastructure must be secure and ready to take on greater volume with limited risk. Within a short period of time, the Zuggand team made environment and policy improvements helping us land larger enterprise customers.” – Robert Guerrieri, Co-Founder


Bluetail is a Cloud-based SaaS solution that helps aircraft owners, and their maintenance teams, easily manage and store all of their aircraft documents, records and data. Bluetail uses machine learning and automation to gather information relevant to a specific aircraft and model and then provides an interface to search, index, and analyze the data. By building proprietary work flow code and leveraging solutions within Amazon, Bluetail has simplified and accelerated the process of digitizing paper aircraft records and making them actionable. Those records are then stored securely and safely on Amazon Web Services so customers can access them anywhere and anytime.

Problem Statement

Bluetail’s solution is currently hosted on AWS and they have aircraft flight departments and operators around the world leveraging their platform. Therefore, ensuring the infrastructure is secure and scalable is critical to the company’s future as it continues to acquire more customers. In addition, Bluetail’s leadership wants its technical team to focus more on developing the product and not managing the infrastructure.

High Level Requirements:
● Ensure the security of its systems and customer data.
● Adhere to industry compliance standards such as SOC2.
● Accelerate product development and deployment.
● Continuous monitoring of the AWS environment to ensure high availability.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

After engaging with the Bluetail executive team, Zuggand recommended first doing an AWS Well-Architected Review and deep security assessment focused on SOC2 compliance. Then, based on the assessment results, Zuggand would prioritize, and assist with remediating, any high risk items it identified. By leveraging Zuggand in the remediation work, Bluetail would be eligible to receive credits from AWS, helping to offset some of Zuggand’s consulting costs.

It was also recommended that Bluetail offload the management of its AWS environment to Zuggand by leveraging its AWS Managed Services offering. This partnership would extend Bluetail’s team to include Zuggand’s AWS-certified engineers to maintain and support their infrastructure, allowing Bluetail’s development team to focus on the product. By taking an Agile and DevOps approach, the Zuggand and Bluetail teams could increase the development, testing and deployment of the Bluetail platform.


As a result of engaging with Zuggand, Bluetail significantly improved its overall security posture and hardened its infrastructure. By following AWS best practices as outlined in the AWS Well- Architected Framework, Bluetail took significant steps towards reducing organizational risk and adhering to industry compliance standards. With Zuggand’s deep knowledge and experience in security and compliance, it has also provided Bluetail with additional guidance regarding policies and operating procedures.

By partnering with Zuggand for AWS Managed Services, Bluetail engaged with a trusted partner to continuously provide support and maintenance of its AWS environment. Over time, as Bluetail gains market share and grows, it can have comfort knowing its extended team of experienced AWS engineers at Zuggand will grow right along with them.

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