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Whether you are thinking about migrating to the cloud, or already in the cloud, you should be asking if it’s time to modernize. It’s time to shred your legacy ways and licenses and free up your resources to start innovating.

But what does it mean to modernize your applications?  Just like everything in technology, everyone seems to have a different definition and getting on the same page is sometimes the hardest part.  That’s where Zuggand’s Modernize Accelerator can help you!  We help you understand AWS offerings so you can leverage containers, microservices and managed capabilities that best fit your needs.

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Migrate & Modernize Methodology

Migrate & Modernize Methodology
File Migration


The six Rs is one of the most popular approaches for creating your cloud migration strategy. For each of your applications, make a specific decision to Rehost (migrate) to the cloud, Replatform (upgrade / change the Operating System), Refactor (modify / improve your applications), Repurchase (move your application functionality to a third party, preferably a cloud-based SaaS solution), Retain (keep on-premises for a specific reason) or Retire (sunset / shutdown).



At the heart of the Zuggand Modernize Accelerator program is leveraging containers, microservices and managed capabilities to modernize your applications.  AWS provides modernization products in many categories: compute, storage, data stores, API proxy, application integration, orchestration, analytics and developer tools.

Why the Zuggand Modernize Accelerator?

We take a systematic approach to help you define your modernization strategy and architecture, complete an optimization assessment, ensure you have the optimal infrastructure foundation and validate the modernization approach on one of your applications! 

Do we qualify for a Zuggand Modernize Accelerator?

Absolutely! This is perfect for organizations that are just starting to explore and understand what modernization would look like for their operations.  It’s also perfect for organizations that want to turn up the dial and move fast! AWS has some amazing programs going on right now that makes this more affordable than you’d think!  Now is a great time to accelerate!

Get Started - How it Works

Kickoff (2 Hour Meeting)

To get started, we work with you to whiteboard your new architecture, identify a simplistic application candidate for modernization and create a high-level roadmap / plan.

Optimization Assessment

Zuggand and AWS will perform an automated assessment that provides consumption data, trend analysis, recommended AWS instance resizing and pricing estimates.

Landing Zone Implementation

Following AWS best practices, we will setup your modern AWS infrastructure with core capabilities to support containers, microservices and managed capabilities.

Proof of Concept Workload Modernization

After identifying a qualified workload, we will migrate it and convert it to containers.


Well-Architected Review Program

Following AWS practices, we will complete the process by conducting a Well-Architected Review and remediating the findings.

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It’s clear that they are passionate about what they do.

“The folks at Zuggand were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful with our AWS Well-Architected Review. It’s clear that they are passionate about what they do and are motivated to ensure that their clients are successful. The communication was excellent; it was prompt and professional. Their public sector focus and level of experience proved to be valuable for this (albeit small) project. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

– Geoffrey from the University of Alberta

The whole process was made very easy and seamless.

“Zuggand help migration my hosting platform to a new server and made several security updates. The whole process was made very easy and seamless. Zuggand mapped out exactly what they would be doing for us and carried everything out in a timely matter. Communication was also great; they communicated well with me and my old developer and were always available when I had questions. Perfect experience.”

– George from Reputelligent

They get things done when they say they will and exceed all expectations.

“These guys are not only smart, but responsive. They get things done when they say they will and exceed all expectations. It’s nice to know there are AWS specialists who can promptly attend to the details and get things done in a professional, competent manner. Hire them!”

– Dorine from Precision Digit
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