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September 2, 20200

If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, there’s never a better time to do it! Seems like I say this all the time right now, but let’s talk about what it is and why now is the best time!


Most organizations today are looking to streamline operations, free up resources and save some serious cash! 2020, COVID, The Great Lockdown or whatever the heck you want to call it, has forced many of us to seriously look at challenges that we’ve been kicking down the road and now we are having to make some tough decisions!  But for many of us, this has been a perfect time (or at least a great excuse) to make some good stuff happen.  


We’ve all seen issues and challenges in certain areas of our operations, but they are being carried by other parts of the business.  We also have seen services or products that haven’t aged well and you don’t have the customers that you used to have.  We’ve also seen entire industries that have been detrimentally impacted due to quarantines, working from home, supply chain disruptions, and a ton of other impacts.  Or maybe demand for your products and services have picked up and you need to scale and innovate to keep up with new demand!


What’s a Cost Optimization Assessment?

An IT cost optimization assessment looks at several factors including Software Licensing Options, Compute Instance Right Sizing, Storage Optimization and much more.  Take a look at the image below to get  a high level view of the process.


Cost Optimization Map


We’ve seen customers save as little as $1000 / year but we had one customer that saved $27K / Month with only instance right-sizing & storage optimization!  Another one of our customers took this process super seriously and reduced their operating costs by way more than $1.3M / Year.


Why Optimize Costs & Move to AWS Now?

Besides this being 2020, there are some other great reasons that now is the best time to optimize your costs and move to AWS!  I could literally go on for days giving you all the reasons why AWS is so freaking awesome, but I’m going to boil this down to three things for you right now: Tools, Smart People & Funding!


The tools to help do these assessments have never been better.  This means a ton of value to you.  If you want a solid assessment that shows how you are configured today, and what your environment would look like when it’s optimized in the cloud so that you can make some concrete plans around them, now is the time to get your assessment done.  And AWS has more than one tool so we can find the right one that fits your needs!


Tools are great but you also need some Smart People.  There’s tons of data that comes out from these assessments and you need to be able to understand it and relate it back to your operations.  Between AWS & Zuggand we’ve got a few smart people that can work with you to understand what your potential cost savings is and what we’ll need to do to realize that savings!


Funding is where this gets really exciting!  AWS has some fantastic programs designed to help accelerate your optimization now!  Look at this roadmap below.


Possible AWS Funding Programs


Obviously every organization is different and your needs are unique.  We’ll work with you to design an optimization program to maximize your investments!  Almost 100% of our customers get some level of funding!  From as little as $5K to more than $100K!  That’s serious money to help you accelerate your optimization!  This is why I keep saying that there’s never been a better time to move to AWS!

Aaron Sandeen

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